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FlowStated LIVE Experience
May 26th, 2018 | Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Mike Bledsoe & Mark England
The Red Pill Of Fitness
An experience that will actually change 
how you approach training and movement
What happens when you are focused, present and super engaged during your workouts?

You make progress. You build skill, strength and you feel REALLY good about what you are doing. 

Now, what happens when you are distracted, disconnected and you feel like you are even going backwards. 

What if there was a way, a process, a system that helped you facilitate more awareness, connection and power in whatever it is your are practicing. And what if it was fun. 

This is what Flow Stated is all about. And this is what FlowStated delivers.

With soooooooo many ways to work out, and so many theories on top of opinions of which way is better than this and that it’s incredibly easy to to get confused, lost and maybe even give up. 

What Mike Bledsoe and Mark England have done is take our combined 48 years of fitness training and distilled the conversation … and practice … down to three things that everyone can agree on. 

Yes, I just said everyone. 

Is it important to learn to move with fluidity and connection and really good alignment. 

Yes, Of course it is. 

Is it valuable to develop your awareness of you how and where you breath during your workouts and create real power driven from conscious breathing.

Yes, Of course it is. 

Is it intelligent to focus your thoughts to turn you into the kind of athlete and that achieves your fitness goals and stays committed and consistent inside the gym and out of it. 

Yes, Of course it is. 

Now, imagine what it would be like to combine all three. At the same time. For all the right reasons. 

Movement. Breath. Mind Set. 
Movement. Breath. Mind Set. 

Movement. Breath. Mind Set. 

Welcome to FlowStated. 

Join Mike Bledsoe and Mark England for one of their upcoming seminars that will change the way you move, breathe and think.

We will start promptly at 9am and will be going until 6pm. There will be a 1 hour lunch break in the middle. Be ready to workout and have snacks ready for post workout, etc.

Sign up while there are still seats available.
May 26th, 2018 | Winston-Salem, NC | 9am - 6pm
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